Drain Repairs

Before image - drain in need of repair
Drain after lining
Before Lining
After Lining

In situ repairs are now established as durable techniques, most with track records close to thirty years. Some of the methods have been applied to over one million feet of pipe.

Buried pipes are subjected to various forces, the most predominate being ground movement, chemical attack and accidental over loading. Due to one of the above factors a crack might appear in a pipe. Effluent leaks out of a crack and erodes the soil surrounding the pipe. Most pipes depend on the soil for structural support and for the uniform distribution of overburden loads. The erosion alters the equilibrium and cause's the development of eccentric point loads. These point loads cause further deterioration of the pipe, which may give rise to fractures. The fractures allow further washout and a vicious cycle of deterioration is set up, eventually the pipe collapses.

The Victorian sewer network was designed to last for 50 years, most public sewers are now 100 years old. Sewers in cities and towns are crumbling and collapsing on a daily basis. The situation will only get worse. The cost and disruption for wholesale renewal of pipes by traditional excavation are unacceptable high. It is within this background that the sewer renovation industry has exploded.

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