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Wastewater Treatment Plants

Note: It is recommended that Ambar Drainage (Southern) Ltd are contacted prior to planning applications to advise upon the legislation and local authority requirements in your area.
Wastewater Treatment Plant during installation
Wastewater Treatment Plant sited below ground level
Wastewater Treatment Plant after installation

Installation with Ambar Drainage (Southern) Ltd

In brief: The Water Treatment Plant versus the Septic Tank

Legislation now recommends a sewage treatment plant in preference to a septic tank but why?

It's not just the thought of the smell associated with Septic Tanks that sends shivers down the spine. The possible impact from untreated sewage on the surrounding land has resulted in strict regulations on where septic tanks can be sited, depending on the porosity of the ground and distance from nearest watercourses. They are not suited to large developments and require regular emptying of the sludge that falls to the bottom of the tank.

With a Wastewater Treatment Plant, the sewage is treated to a much higher standard, a grease and oil management solution is provided and there is no odour. They do not require regular emptying and only require a regular service. As the sewage is treated before discharge into the ground, a Wastewater Treatment Plant does not encounter the same siting restriction problems.

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